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January 10 2013

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January 09 2013

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January 26 2012


May 02 2011

Daughter and friends at the Mifflin Street Block party in Madison. This is how I know I'm getting old... looking at all of those people crammed into a small area makes this THE LAST PLACE I would want to drive 3 or 4 hours to get to.
Also, this is the last post in which I will reference my age... for at least a day or two. - MarkJ
I went to Isla Vista for Halloween a couple of years. It's an area where a lot of UCSB students live. That's probably the most densely populated area I've been in. Shoulder to shoulder crazyness. - Rodfather
Silver Streak (Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor 1976) - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Silver Streak (Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor 1976)  - http://youtu.be/Yu1TZVX72Aw
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"Gene Wilder is on the run, this is the hysterical scene where Richard Pryor teaches Gene Wilder to act black to get past the police. Classic!" - MarkJ
I posted this to assist Jimminy and Slippy in furthering their "rap-battling" poetic endeavors. - MarkJ
Nah we're done. :) But here is a recap for anyone who needs it. http://addendum.slippylane.com/categor... - Jimminy, CoG of FF
Also, can this really be from THIRTY FIVE YEARS AGO!?! - MarkJ
Passport Photo from 1983. I was exactly half my current age when this was taken 28 years ago. (I haven't changed a bit!)
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thanks for sharing a mugshot, ;) - chaz2b
From my current perspective, it feels as though the second 28 years lasted about one-fourth as long as the first 28 years. This doesn't bode well for the third 28 years! (Possibly wishful thinking on that last figure.) - MarkJ
Daughter and friends went to Madison (WI) for the weekend for a block party that has been going on annually since the *rad* 60's. She returned safely last night, slightly the worse for wear. (She doesn't care for massive quantities of beer, unlike most of her cohorts.) After 36+ hours of being surrounded by drunken idiots who only grew louder...
and stinkier with each passing hour, she confessed that she was glad to be back in the quiet boredom of her dorm room. [Edit] Then she shared that at the frat party she had attended, just moments after she departed two stabbings had occurred... O_O! - MarkJ
25+ years ago (late in my high school years) i was at a party that ended with a drunken fullback emptying a .45 loaded with hollow points into a crowded room. amazingly, he was so wrecked that he only blew basketball-sized holes in the walls and ceiling. we later found him in the bathroom in an enormous pool of his own vomit. one of us hog-tied him and phoned the cops. - Captain Joe Neckbeard
ps and she's 37 - Zone is Filbert Hare
Ball Clock - I've been waiting all day for this! http://vimeo.com/23141378
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I lead an exciting life... [Obviously!] - MarkJ
It isn't all that surprising that the U.S. isn't declaring any prior consultation/coordination with Pakistan officials. It's likely that Pakistan has known Bin Laden's whereabouts at numerous times over the past 10 years. It's also likely that, if the U.S. had contacted Pakistani officials before this occurred, Bin Laden would have been elsewhere.
(Infer what you will.) - MarkJ
I was just thinking to myself "Why don't I listen to podcasts more often?" when, after a few hours of doing so, I get a text from my daughter asking if I'd heard about Bin Laden. Um... no, why? #oops
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Tomorrow is May 2nd, MAY 2ND PEOPLE! When will I see a multi-day forecast that DOESN'T have these little white flecks in it!
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I am SO OVER winter! - MarkJ
I don't exactly like it #springinterrupted - WarLord
welcome to my world - AJ Batac

May 01 2011

Radiolab Video: Symmetry - Radiolab http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEQskIsHKT8
"Radiolab Video: Symmetry Monday, April 18, 2011 - 08:21 PM Is the world full of deep symmetries and ordered pairs? Or do we live in a lopsided universe? This striking video by Everynone plays with our yearning for balance, and reveals how beautiful imperfect matches can be." - MarkJ
Direct YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch... - MarkJ
Desperately Seeking Symmetry - Radiolab - http://www.radiolab.org/2011...
Desperately Seeking Symmetry - Radiolab
"This hour of Radiolab, Jad and Robert set out in search of order and balance in the world around us, and ask how symmetry shapes our very existence--from the origins of the universe, to what we see when we look in the mirror. Along the way, we look for love in ancient Greece , head to modern-day Princeton to peer inside our brains, and turn up an unlikely headline from the Oval Office circa 1979." - MarkJ
Desperately Seeking Symmetry - Radiolab http://www.radiolab.org/2011...
Happy May Day, y'all!
Yay May! - Mike Nencetti
Great Android app 'Dolphin Google Services' lets you access Google services from one convenient place!
I found this great Android app 'Dolphin Google Services' on AppBrain: http://www.appbrain.com/app... - MarkJ
Ruby Roo has decided spontaneously at this very moment that my hands must be available for "knuckle rub"... this despite the fact that I'm holding/using my phone to peruse FF.
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Random typos may ensue. - MarkJ
AJ's Steve Buscemi Eyes post made me think of this. (Just substitute 'Steve Buscemi' for 'Bette Davis' as you listen... er... maybe not.) http://www.youtube.com/watch...
AJ's Steve Buscemi Eyes post made me think of this.  (Just substitute 'Steve Buscemi' for 'Bette Davis' as you listen... er... maybe not.) http://youtu.be/3Al9blQOhNw

April 30 2011

Caption: Kate shows how much she loves Willy. #punintended? [via Nick Barnes on Facebook]
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I'm not proud of this... but I figured it's going to be out there one way or the other. - MarkJ
Rob Brydon celebrates ‘flawless’ Royal Wedding commentary | NewsBiscuit - http://www.newsbiscuit.com/2011...
Rob Brydon celebrates ‘flawless’ Royal Wedding commentary | NewsBiscuit
"Comedian and impersonator Rob Brydon has been celebrating after a marathon stint commentating on the royal nuptials, standing in at the last minute for anchorman Huw Edwards. ‘I got the call from a frantic producer just after seven,’ said Rob. ‘Huw was due on air at eight, and they’d just found him at the bottom of the basement steps of a West End club in a completely incoherent state. Apparently he’d gone out for a quiet glass of pinot blanc the night before and had ended up in a drinking contest with Prince Harry.’" - MarkJ
[Sometimes I just post NewsBiscuit items because I like to imagine all of the quizzical looks caused by the UK-specific cultural references... looks that are undoubtedly very similar to my own response. This guy does appear in British sitcoms on PBS quite regularly, though.] - MarkJ
[P.S. For all of you Tea Party-ers out there who may not be familiar, PBS is a US-based broadcasting network supported in large part by donations from viewers, grants from charitable foundations, and corporate donors... so, yeah, it's pretty much a commie plot to control our minds and turn us into the functional equivalent of Brits.] - MarkJ
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